Why Asian Women are EXTREMELY Attractive to Most Men

Yasmin Del Rosario
5 min readSep 7, 2020


Curious why Asian women continue to capture the hearts of men across the globe? Learn more about their qualities and traits here!

Discover why Asian women are attractive to men all throughout the globe!
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Did you know that Asian women are more likely to get a message from a man of any race? This is based on a study conducted by one of the most famous dating websites in the world. They found that over 2.4 million interactions on their site were linked to women in Asia.

Yes, different ladies all over the globe are beautiful, but for this article, we will list down the main reasons why Asian women are at the top of the list when it comes to desirability. You may think that this is a biased post, but all of these are based on careful observation by foreign men themselves.

So, are you ready to know more about Asian women and what makes them extremely attractive? Without further ado, here are some basic facts to know about these gorgeous ladies:

Physical Attributes

We can’t deny that, as men, physical attractiveness serves as the gatekeeper above everything else. With Asian girls, you may have noticed that most of them are apt to have slimmer, smaller structures, and tend to have bodies that are petite. Also, they generally have finer facial features.

Therefore, many Asian women are noticed because of their tremendously feminine appearance.

Asian Females Are More Pleasing

Most women in Asia are easier to approach compared to Western females. You can give an Asian woman a friendly smile, and you’ll get a smile in return. Say something good to them and you’ll get a favorable reply. This is mainly because of their hospitality and cultural traditions.

For example, Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles” since most people there smile on a regular basis. As for the Philippines, everyone, despite their hardships, will welcome you with an amiable expression.

Aside from that, Asian females, especially Japanese women, Thai women, Chinese women, and Filipino women, are far more conservative than Western females. This means that they tend to be kinder and more approachable when meeting men. You’ll be able to witness this when you take part in our singles vacation tours in Asia.

Asian Women Are Open-Minded and Virtuous

If you’ve tried online dating before, you’ll notice that Asian girls are more courteous, feminine, and tolerant, and it doesn’t matter where in Asia they’re from as most of these ladies practice the same values. It is very uncommon for them to argue over trivial things, unlike in Western countries where ladies revolve around the topic of femininity a lot, which makes them bicker with men a lot.

Furthermore, Asian women are also consistent — they’re ready to share their partner’s stress and sorrows. Should you be troubled with life or work, your Asian lady will gladly carry the burden with you. These ladies are prepared to give you their support whenever, wherever.

Asian Women Are Family-Oriented

Asian women are close with their families, and they put great importance on their relationships with loved ones. Should you date one, and if things get pretty serious, you should expect to meet her family soon, as well as her extensive family relations, especially since most of these ladies were taught the old-fashioned ways of Asian values.

Also, don’t be overwhelmed if on your first visit to her house, you will see a lot of food prepared for you. Asians are naturally very hospitable, especially to foreigners.

In most parts of Asia, parents often place more focus on teaching their young ones about family structures rather than individuality.

Asian Women Are Capable of Managing the Family

Many Asian ladies are great homemakers. A house run by an Asian wife is most likely to be neat and well kept. Should you marry one, you can expect that food will always be ready on time, made with love and care.

What’s more is that women in Asia are generally smart, self-sufficient, strong, and opinionated. Yet, at the same time, they radiate pure femininity. They simply make you feel manly.

Asian Women Engage in Smart Conversations

These ladies value education and were raised to be street smart. Most of them love learning new things. While some were not able to finish college because of different struggles, you really can’t say that they’re ignorant.

Asian women are naturally resourceful and they know how to survive in any situation that the world will throw at them. They adapt well and they know how to self-study to improve their knowledge and skills. Thus, expect that they can practically talk about anything, and can even share their opinion on whatever topic.

Women in Asia Are Grateful

Asian ladies are not hard to please. You don’t have to buy them luxurious things. You don’t even have to take them on expensive vacations.

They just want to feel loved. They appreciate simple romantic gestures. You can even sweep them off their feet by having a candlelit dinner at your own apartment.

Better yet, you can cook some eggs and prepare breakfast in bed. If you don’t have that cooking talent, you can fetch your lady at work and she’d be ecstatic.

You Are Her World!

To top it all off, Asian women are loyal. When they commit, they give their 100%. But of course, that doesn’t give you the license to hurt them, cheat on them, or take them for granted. Asian ladies expect commitment, too.

Other people think that when Asian women wed a foreigner, they are after money, but most of the time, that’s not the case. These girls date foreigners because of attraction, and not because of dollars or pounds.

These ladies are quick witted, so if they feel that you are true, and you’re dating them with pure and clean intentions, expect that you will get the best out of them.

So, are you interested in dating one? If you don’t know how to meet Asian women, you can take part in our singles vacation tours and interact with hundreds of Asian women seeking true love and a long term relationship.