Best Gifts for a Thai Woman This National Lover’s Day

Yasmin Del Rosario
5 min readMay 20, 2024

National Lover’s day is right around the corner. Do you have anything prepared for your Thai girlfriend?

National Lover’s Day is a minor observance day that’s similar to Valentine’s day. It’s a day where couples celebrate the milestones they’ve reached in their relationship.

It’s celebrated every 23rd of April. Quite close isn’t it? It’s fine if you have nothing special prepared yet. You don’t exactly need to take her out to a restaurant or the latest trendy place to impress her. There are other ways on how to impress a Thai woman.

thai girl smiling
Understanding a Thai woman is a must when you’re getting her a special gift.

Though she would greatly appreciate a grand gesture, a Thai woman would rather you gave her something you enjoyed preparing and not something you had to stress over.

So why not get her a gift? Something simple and thoughtful ought to do the trick. Thai women in general are very appreciative of any gifts they receive, as they see this as a token of goodwill and a blessing.

If you aren’t sure what to get this coming National Lover’s Day, here are a few gift suggestions you might want to look into:

1. Stuffed Toy

It sounds typical to give your girlfriend a stuffed toy, but it’s a classic for a reason.

Most Thai women like having something to cuddle. They need something to pour their affection into whenever they aren’t feeling themselves. It’s a good way to relieve built-up stress.

The bigger the teddy bear, the better to cuddle. Though it’s most preferable to get an animal or creature that your girlfriend is fond of.

2. Cute Pillows

If there’s one thing most Asians will agree on, it’s that pillows make a great gift.

Be it for birthdays, anniversaries, or even housewarmings, pillows are a practical gift most Thai people will appreciate.

Pillows lose their fluffiness and softness over time, which can make it difficult to fall asleep. But many think it’s a waste of money to buy a new pillow when they already have one — no matter how old it is.

Hence, pillows are always appreciated as a gift. It may be a bit difficult to carry around, but it will be worth seeing the wide smile on your girlfriend’s face.

3. Phone Case

Thai people are very much into trendy things, phone cases included. They’re fond of changing their cases every once in a while.

Go for something cute, something with pockets, or even something you can make yourself.

In the case of Thai women, you’ll have to get them a case you can see them resonate with. As appreciative as they are when it comes to gifts, they can be quite picky when it comes to phone cases.

Understanding a Thai woman is a very critical step in this decision making process. You’ll have to avoid giving them something they are least likely to use.

It’s also critical to know her phone model. Otherwise, they’ll definitely find it useless.

phone case
A surefire way on how to impress a Thai woman is by getting in touch with Thai trends and culture.

4. Food

You can never go wrong with giving food as a gift. And it’s much better if it’s something that she’s never tried before.

Thai people are very open to trying out new cuisines. Once in a while, they try new things for the experience. Of course, you’d have to be open to exploring new dishes yourself.

As a common courtesy, it’s only right that you eat what you bought for your girlfriend, even if it’s a gift. For Thai people, it’s considered rude not to share food that you’ve been blessed with.

So help your girlfriend out in preparing the plates. She’ll appreciate it a lot more if she has good company to enjoy the food with.

5. A Basket of Fruits

When a Thai woman loves you, she makes you feel as though you are part of her family. This is her way of trying to secure your position in her life.

The more favored you are by her family, the more likely they are to support your relationship.

Which is why a basket of fruits makes a safe gift to get a Thai woman with close family ties.

Most Thai women prefer to involve their family when it comes to special occasions, even if it’s something as small as National Lover’s Day.

Love it or hate it, a Thai woman will always put her family first. You don’t have to compete with her family to win over her heart. You simply have to join them.

You’ll have to accept the reality that her family will always be in the picture. After all, it comes with the package when dating a Thai.

6. Fashion Accessories

Scarves, belts, necklace, watches — you name it.

Thai women are very fond of accessorizing their outfits. They serve as little accents that enhance their overall aesthetic.

The trendier the accessory, the better. Your little fashionista will absolutely love you for it. When you get into Thai trends, you prove to her that you are interested in her culture.

A man that pays attention to the little details about his lady is what Thai women consider marriage material. And if you are dating with marriage in mind, this will surely help make the process a lot smoother.

What NOT to give a Thai Woman For National Lover’s Day

Thai people aren’t very picky when it comes to gifts, as it is considered rude. But there is one gift that you are highly discouraged to give — and that’s money.

It’s common for Thai people to give money packets as a gift. But when you are a farang or a foreigner in Thailand, they’ll most likely see you as prey.

Most Thai people assume that most foreign men are rich, and they sometimes take advantage of it. As kind as your girlfriend may be, there’s no telling if her family’s intentions are in the right place.

To avoid this, it’s better to avoid giving money as a gift. If you do, you are practically telling them you’re a walking ATM.

There are other gifts you can choose to make your National Lover’s day feel special. What matters most is that this gift comes from the bottom of your heart, and that you truly love your girlfriend.