Where and How to Find a Woman Willing to Marry You

Yasmin Del Rosario
4 min readFeb 19, 2024

It’s easier to find a woman willing to date and marry you overseas.

Dating in America, especially in this modern era, is getting harder and harder. There are millions of men who are single because they have difficulty finding partners. There might be those that find this more than just acceptable, since being single can be considered a power move, but there are those who prefer to have a partner.

Rather than go through life by themselves, a lot of America’s single men prefer to live and die with a lover by their side.

an image of single Asian women taken during one of the Socials Night of My Dream Asian
A high number of single Asian women are seeking to find love and marry a foreign man.

Not to mention, most of these men are worried about their declining age. Age is a ticking bomb, giving way for people to make hasty decisions and inevitably making mistakes about their life choices.

There’s no need for hasty decisions here. There’s still a chance for you to get out of the single life.

Where to Look

If you join a Singles Tour in Asia, you will find many women with mindsets and goals that are the same as yours.

Joining a Singles Tour is a great strategy to combat loneliness with a low risk of it backfiring.

Loneliness can be addressed in a variety of ways. One piece of advice I constantly give my clients is to look overseas if they can’t find a cure for their loneliness where they are.

Foreign women, particularly those with exotic characteristics, have always piqued the interest of American males. Their choices varied, but a big number of them wanted to marry an Asian woman.

This is where I get to pitch an idea to you.

Asia’s Singles Tour

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, no one is ever too late to seek their happiness. Loneliness happens to everyone, yes, but if you just let it sit then it’s a problem.

This is our way of lending you a hand. If you’re lonely because you’re single and want to find love, join one of the tours. You have nothing to lose in this situation. You could also use a breath of fresh air, especially somewhere that is not your home country.

You are deserving of a second chance at love. Take a risk and give yourself the opportunity to meet the woman of your dreams.

So here’s what you should expect:

My Dream Asian is a pioneer in the field of matchmaking. In reality, it has served as a link between a number of men and Asian ladies seeking to start their own love story. It has aided and continues to assist in the creation of many success stories in its 20 years in the industry.

When we talk about their Singles Tours, we are talking about hundreds of single Asian women all in a room where you can meet, introduce yourself and converse with. If you join a tour, you will have the opportunity to meet these single women who are looking for marriage. They go on these trips to find a husband, just like the other men who went on these tours to find a wife.

an image of a client talking to single Asian women during a My Dream Asian Socials Night
Table Hopping is one of the activities during a Socials Night where clients meet the ladies seated at different tables.

You won’t be taken off guard, either, because interpreters, matchmakers, and other staff members will be on hand to assist you. You’ll also be seeing Asia’s most popular tourist attractions with a lady you met at the Socials.

It will take roughly a week to complete the entire package. A week of you enjoying the country and everything it has to offer, of the hundreds of single ladies who want to date you, and of you simply having fun.

Go to Asia and Meet Your Future Wife

When you get to the socials, you will not be spoon fed on how you interact with the women. The most the matchmakers and staff will do is introduce you and help out with translation if needed. Other than that, wooing a woman is all up to you.

Enjoy the event. After all, not everyone gets to have a vacation like this. And if you come out of it happy and arm-in-arm with your future bride, all the better.