Tendencies of a Serial Dating Filipina: Signs You Should Watch Out For

Yasmin Del Rosario
5 min readFeb 29, 2024

Have you ever heard of a serial dater?

A serial dater is someone who dates without commitment and moves on as soon as the relationship bores them. They will never form a romantic attachment to anyone and will ditch you without remorse.

They go from one person to another as a bee does with flowers. They don’t care about the people they hurt along the way. To them, their happiness is a priority, even if it means stepping on a few toes.

There are many of these people lurking around the internet. Even in the Philippines, these people exist. If you’re not too careful, the person that you are dating may be one of them.

However, not all Filipinas are serial daters. There are some who do have genuine intentions of dating you. In fact, most of them date with the intent to get married. They would rather invest their time seeing someone they can be in a happy and healthy relationship with.

Photo by Jeys Tubianosa on Pexels

Still, you might be able to encounter a Filipina serial dater. The chances of meeting them are slim but not impossible.

To avoid landing a date with one, here are some signs you should pay attention to:

  • When the relationship gets serious, she becomes flighty.

A serial dater is never easily attached to a person. It may seem like it at first since she often goes all out at the start of a relationship. She unabashedly initiates physical affection, showers you with compliments, and makes you feel as if she cares about you.

But as soon as things start to get serious, she backs off.

  • She’s never interested in what you have to say.

No matter what topic you are talking about, the conversation seems to steer back to something about herself.

You wouldn’t be able to notice it at first. Much like any other date, you would naturally want to know more about the person you’re dating, so you let her speak her mind.

Then, the next thing you know, every conversation you have is always about herself. You can barely get a word in. It’s almost like she’s treating you like a personal diary instead of a date. She’s not at all interested in you. She just wants to use you as her emotional trash can.

  • Things are moving too quickly in your relationship.

The courting phase in the Philippines often does not last long. Once couples start exclusively seeing each other, they start calling their significant other their “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”.

One way for you to tell if your relationship is moving faster than the average Filipino standard is when they are quick to say, “I love you”.

New relationships excite serial daters. There’s so much more to learn about each other and fun times to spend together. However, once the connection loses intensity and dies down, they are off to the next person.

  • The more time she spends with you, the less eager she becomes.

When you started dating, she seemed ecstatic about getting to know you. However, as you get to know each other better, she becomes more distant.

Serial daters are never after a relationship. Rather, they are chasing the feeling that comes with a new relationship.

Photo by Jeys Tubianosa on Pexels

Don’t be surprised if she suddenly ghosts you — she’s probably moved on with someone else already.

How Modern Dating Led to the Rise of Serial Daters

With online dating becoming a global phenomenon, it’s inevitable that new problems will arise, serial dating being one of them.

This is not a phenomenon that popped out of nowhere. The concept first started with speed dating.

Not so long ago, when the internet did not exist, speed dating was one way for singles everywhere to find a partner instantly. Now that times have changed and technological advancements have progressed, speed dating is what the modern world views as serial dating.

Now that various dating platforms exist, serial dating is slowly starting to become a common practice. It’s slowly but surely evolving into an internet subculture that many are unknowingly following.

It doesn’t help that most people see online dating as an easy out.

Relationships formed online aren’t taken as seriously as they should be. To them, it’s not a form of commitment. Instead, it’s a pastime to help ease them of their temporary loneliness.

As convenient as today’s world is, it molded people to seek instant gratification. The words “I love you” are exchanged so casually that it has lost its value. People are so quick to jump out of a relationship, only to break up a month later. They don’t even give themselves the time to process their last relationship — they just jump onto the next one.

Not all hope is lost in this modern era. There are still people out there who stick by their traditional values. If you seek a partner who has said values, you might want to start looking into Filipinas.

The Right Filipina

Most women in the Philippines are often pressured by their family and peers to find themselves a husband. If not, they may be treated as a social pariah.

Some resort to online dating to find themselves a potential life partner. But just because they do it out of peer or family pressure, it does not mean they are willing to settle for anyone. Filipinas also have their own standards in what they want in a man.

The Philippines is one of the two countries where divorce is illegal, the other being Vatican City. If a Filipina were to exchange vows with a man, it has to be someone they can commit to for life.