Why Beautiful Chinese Women Can’t Stop Dating Average Foreign Men

Yasmin Del Rosario
5 min readJun 21, 2023

There are a lot of men all over the world who aren’t that good-looking. Don’t get it wrong, they’re not ugly by any means. They’re just not exactly the type to grace the covers of men’s magazines. They’re not grotesque monsters, but they’re not male models with abs for days.

But despite not being the best-looking guys around, they’re still married to Chinese women who are several orders of magnitude better looking than they are.

So what gives? Why are these women dating men who aren’t likely to sire good-looking children?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why women date and marry men who aren’t all that good-looking. So here’s some dating Chinese women advice to know why gorgeous women are dating guys who aren’t gorgeous.

a beautiful young asian woman
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It’s more secure

One reason women deign to date men who aren’t on their level when it comes to looks is because of security. An average man dating a good-looking woman is going to be so grateful for the opportunity that the woman isn’t going to have to worry about his eye wandering in any way.

Plus, if a guy is average looking, he’s probably not going to get much attention from other beautiful women anyway, so a good-looking woman won’t have to worry about anyone coming for her man. That kind of security is appealing to a lot of women.

Maybe he’s well-educated

In Chinese culture, education is lionized. It’s seen as a pathway to success and having an advanced degree is majorly appealing to a lot of Chinese families. A guy with an advanced degree is exactly the kind of man that a lot of Chinese families want their daughter to marry. So a guy can be perfectly average looking but he may have a master’s degree or a doctorate degree or something similar.

Maybe he’s earning a good wage

Another reason that women date men who aren’t anywhere near as good-looking as them is because the men are making a good living. Look, it’s not the most romantic of reasons, but it’s a pragmatic one.

Some women want access to a certain lifestyle and marrying a man with means, no matter how he looks, is how they can get that access. Plus, there are a lot of men with money who know that they’re not that good-looking and the beautiful women who give him attention aren’t doing so because he’s some Adonis.

It may not be all that romantic, but there are a lot of couples with this type of arrangement and are perfectly fine with it because they both get what they want out of the relationship.

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Maybe he’s got a good sense of humor

Humor is another reason that beautiful women date average-looking men. Guys who are funny can generally attract women by cracking jokes because humor is a trait that can circumvent average looks. So guys who are average-looking but have above-average wit can land beautiful Chinese women because their wisecracks appeal to them.

Maybe he’s charming

Related to humor is charm. Maybe a guy isn’t all that good-looking. Maybe he’s not a six-two Greek god with sculpted shoulders. But he’s got another thing going for him and that’s his ability to charm people. Maybe he’s got an ability to disarm people and make them like him just by talking.

Maybe she wants to move to his country

There are a lot of women that want to leave their hometowns. Some of these women take it several steps further and want to leave their home countries. But they can’t just pack up and get on a plane. There’s a lot of paperwork involved and even then, that paperwork might not be approved and her hopes of leaving her hometown are dashed.

But a great way to get around a large amount of that paperwork is to marry someone who’s a citizen of the destination country. They may not find the guy attractive or even like him all that much, but they do find his country attractive and like it quite a lot. Which is why they’ll bear being with a man they’re not attracted to, because he’s got access to something that she wants.

Maybe he’s got musical talent

Did you know that many of the top classical musicians are from China?

Some guys get to be beautiful. Other guys do not get that privilege. But there is one talent that can elevate a man’s looks to extraordinary once he starts to show off that talent and that talent is music.

He may not look like a lot, but a guy who can strum the guitar with any level of competence can attract quite a lot of attention from beautiful women. They may not look like much, but being able to play an instrument can level the playing field.

Her tastes make him appealing to her

Look, beauty is subjective. A perfect 10 to one person may not even be a 6 to someone else. So a guy may look average to basically everyone, but when he lands in China, a beautiful woman might take one look at him and decide that he’s the one she wants because his features are what sets her heart aflutter.

Some people just like their guys to be a bit average. Maybe that perfect look is a little too perfect for their taste.

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Personalities can also just mesh

Now, compatibility is one of those things that a lot of people can’t seem to quantify. Two people can have the same personality and life goals and yet be unable to stand the sight of each other. But two people can be complete opposites and yet somehow make it work even though it logically shouldn’t.

Some people just mesh well with each other. Two people meet and the chemistry of the two of them just works out so they can be together.

It’s true that looks are an important part of dating. A person’s physical appearance is what creates the initial physical attraction in the first place. But physical attractiveness is not the end all/be all of dating. It’s a big part, but there’s more to it than just that.